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According to our customers, we're the best.

We have a perfect rating on Google, written directly and unfiltered by real Lotus customers. Why? Because according to our customers, we offer excellent quality computers with no bloatware and the best customer service they've ever experienced.

Here's the proof

Assembled and Supported
in the United States

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"For Felipe, manufacturing in the US wasn't the result of any cost-benefit analysis, but an ideological choice."

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America's making a comeback in PC manufacturing, and Lotus is leading the way. By taking the world's best components and assembling each Lotus here in America, Lotus supports American jobs, helps circulate money domestically, and in turn brings a high quality product to you.

But it doesn't end there. Once you have your new USA-built Lotus computer, you'll have access to personalized, knowledgeable, and quick USA-based customer service and tech support — for life!

Lotus makes fast, high quality, American-built computers!

Lotus Computer is America's best choice for American-built desktop and notebook computers, supported in the USA from Orlando, Florida. Buy your Lotus computer online right here at, and get a high quality USA-made computer custom-built just for you! We offer fast, high quality desktops and laptops for home, business, gaming, professionals, government, and more. Lotus provides America's best experience in computers from people who really care!

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