Computers Made in America

Every day, Americans and the world are becoming more interested in buying desktop and laptop computers made in America. We think this has to do with a commitment to our economy, national pride, and of course better build quality. One thing we can say for sure, is that our own Lotus desktop computers are made in America, just as our laptops go through final assembly here as well. Furthermore, we offer USA tech support that’s not outsourced, so if you never need anything you can be sure you will get the answer you need from a true Lotus expert. “Computers made in America” isn’t just a way of telling where they are made — it’s a statement of quality and patriotism!

If you’re looking for desktop and laptop computers made in America, look no further than Lotus! You’ll get American quality and great service while supporting small business and the American economy.

Shop our computers made in America on our website at

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