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5 Star Review

Sitting on each of the desks in our office is an American made Lotus Computer. Over the 2+ years of ownership we have not experienced a single hardware problem nor an unkind word from any of their users. On the single occasion when an unprotected Lotus computer's operating system software became corrupted during an electrical storm, you (personally) came to our rescue by emailing the drivers we needed along with extremely helpful guidance — all over the weekend no less! I am impressed with the speed and reliability of your product but it is the service extended by Lotus that has cemented our loyalty!

— Bob Schrage, Schrage Box, Bensalem, PA
5 Star Review

I was looking for an American-made computer last Spring. (Any sane person should be doing the same with all products.) In the course of random Web-searching, I came across the Lotus website. I ordered an Astra with an i5 chip/Windows 7 without much hesitation The price was a little higher than you might pay for something mass-produced and imported, but the design qualities were compelling, and the support arrangement was convincing. Delivery took slightly longer than expected, but the company responded promptly to every e-mail inquiry until the computer arrived.

The computer was delivered without a scratch. It was clearly put together with care - much more appealing to the eye and touch than anything you'll find on a shelf anywhere. I hooked it up to the keyboard and monitor I had gotten separately and it started right up without any problem. It has plenty of speed and no "bloatware" or other tedious hype. It was basically set up fine from the start. I think I had to use one of the included disks to install Adobe reader. Norton virus/spyware protection is included, but I'd rather not clog things up with that, since I have a laptop for Internet.

Since then I've had no problem installing and using some fairly demanding software. The i5 chip handles everything in there so far, and upgrading is always an option. It isn't a machine to toss out and replace. I haven't needed tech support, but based on prompt, personal e-mail contact, I am confident that it will be there. The next step is to sign up for wind power - available just about anywhere these days...

— Michael McCulloh, Chicago, IL

5 Star Review

Got an Eclipse Laptop from these guys and compared to brands like Alienware and Razor-blade you definitely get your moneys worth. This laptop is quiet, runs amazing fast and smoothly and just looks great overall. I got the 95% gamut screen and it is well worth the upgrade as it makes everything just pop. My only con for this is that there 15" Eclipses don't come with a backlit keyboard which since I tend to use it a lot at night would have been a major asset. As a gaming laptop I think all of them should carry the backlit keyboard but other than that this is a very good laptop and you will not be disappointed in it nor will you be disappointed in their customer service. Karel was very helpful especially when we had some problems with Paypal which got sorted out. Great laptop and great company to which I highly recommend!

— Chris Clark, Creston, IA

5 Star Review

When your program relies on using a laptop computer for 75% of their business, it is important to choose the best. We were under new guidelines where all computer equipment must be USA purchased or assembled. After much research we found the Lotus laptop. We purchased one as a test machine. We were astounded of how well it performed and with the tough use from employees it has stood up to all conditions. Using the laptop for presentations, it has exceeded our expectations. I am very impressed and will continue to purchase more in the near future.

— Ken Smith, Law Enforcement Liaison, Austin, TX

5 Star Review

The computers that we had been purchasing with standard configurations from major retailers literally couldn’t keep up to speed with our software and workload. The workstations from Lotus are not only way more reliable, but can be individually configured for each of our department’s needs. When we purchase a computer from Lotus I know that we are going to receive a dependable and high quality piece of equipment that will stand up to the chaotic environment found in the hotel business.

— Kevin Virgo, MacArthur Place Hotel & Spa, Sonoma, CA
5 Star Review

I had Karel build a computer for me in Nov 2010 because my existing one was totally outdated and Windows 7 had just come onto the market. Although being basically computer ignorant (I am over 60 yrs old and female), I did know enough to stay away from the commercial commuters (HP, Dell, etc.) -- reasons being that anyone I knew who bought such models always had problems, there is never any tech support with these companies, and such models always contain excess programs and advertisements I would never use.

I searched locally for someone to build what I wanted, had no success, then tried the internet. Karel’s name came up, I called and found I could work with him very well. It was a little spooky dealing with someone not local but he quoted a price very close to what I could buy commercially so I took the leap figuring I would be no worse off than if I went to a store, had a salesman pick one out and then bought the programs I really wanted. It was one of my best decisions.

Being computer ignorant, I could not instruct him as to the specifics but I did specify Windows 7, gave him a list of the programs I currently used, and told him how I expected to use the computer in the future. He also gave suggestions which I adopted and have never since regretted. The end result is a basic, no-fluff, strong computer. I got exactly what I wanted and the programs he suggested worked better than what I was previously using. I did not have to buy any additional programs and then worry about installing them correctly. It has never crashed nor been infected. As a matter of fact, I had to search long and hard to find the date I actually purchased this computer because I have never needed to talk to a “tech support” person since I bought it and therefore had no need to remember the date.

I strongly recommend that everyone have their next computer built for them to meet their exact specifications instead of purchasing a commercial product that will only get close to what you want, leaving you to still buy the programs you actually want, and that will contain a lot of excess, useless junk. And, based on my results, I recommend that Karel build it for you. He produced exactly what I wanted, no more than I wanted, and he did it perfectly. Should I need another computer in the future, I will not hesitate to use him again.

— Robin, Miami Beach, FL

5 Star Review

My computer works great, looks great, feels great. The customer service, though, has to be the best part. I really feel like the gang in Florida cares that I have the best PC experience possible and so far that has been the case!

— Tessa Swanson, Chicago, IL